Radio Reporting Services

Note the IMO-adopted ship reporting systems GREENPOS and COASTAL CONTROL.

The GREENPOS system is mandatory for all ships sailing to or from Greenland waters within the Greenland continental shelf or EEZ.
GREENPOS reports must be sent to the JRCC Greenland, if necessary via Aasiaat Radio.

COASTAL CONTROL reports apply to any ship of 20 GT or more and fishing vessels sailing between Greenland ports and landing sites. These vessels must submit COASTAL CONTROL reports to Aasiaat Radio.

Joint Arctic Command (JACMD) encourages ships navigating the Atlantic Ocean within the Greenland EEZ, including cruise ships and research vessels, to remain in the GREENPOS system during their entire voyage.

Based on the reports received, JRCC Greenland and Aasiaat Radio will keep track of the position in Greenland waters of ships participating in the reporting system, so that a search and rescue operation can be established at any given time.

For details about GREENPOS and COASTAL CONTROL, including the compilation of sailing schedules and reports, see the annex to Notices to Mariners (EfS), EfS A, on the website of the Danish Maritime Authority. The website also features information on the radio reporting service AMVER, which is administered by the U.S. Coast Guard and is open to all ships in the Atlantic Ocean.