The Danish Maritime Authority has issued a number of executive orders concerning navigation in Greenland waters. A number of the Danish Maritime Authority’s executive orders concerning navigation in Danish waters are also relevant, since they also apply to Greenland.

The following is an overview of these executive orders. Most of the executive orders are available by searching in Legislation

1. Order on aids to navigation in Danish and Greenland buoyage areas, etc. (the buoyage order) No. 45 of 22 January 2015
2. Order on the protection of submarine cables and pipelines No. 939 of 27 November 1992
3. Order on rules of navigation, etc. in certain Danish waters No. 779 of 18 August 2000
4. Order on ship reporting systems in the waters off Greenland (reporting service in Greenland) No. 170 of 17 March 2003
5. Technical regulation on the use of searchlights during navigation in Greenland waters No. 169 of 4 March 2009
6. Order for Greenland on the safe navigation, etc. of ships No. 1697 of 11 December 2015
7. Order on pilotage, etc. around Greenland No. 1698 of 11 December 2015
8. Order on the activities of pilotage service providers and the obligations of pilots in Greenland No. 1699 of 11 December 2015

Similarly, the Government of Greenland has issued a series of executive orders concerning ports, marine environment and nature conservation.Unfortunately these executive orders are not available website of the Government of Greenland.